March Spotlight Youth Court Is...


Diversion and Prevention Through Accountability and Education


The Riverside Youth Court is an innovative approach to juvenile justice and acts as an early intervention for first time offenders of misdemeanor crimes.  It is designed to give youth between the ages of 10 and 17, who have broken the law and admitted their guilt, a second chance.  Those who are eligible for the program will have their case heard in a real courtroom with youth serving as prosecuting and defense attorneys, court clerks, bailiffs and jurors.  A real adult judge will preside, but the youth jury will determine the sentence. 


The Riverside Youth Court is also designed to educate youth about the juvenile justice system.  Through direct participation, youth court addresses the juvenile‚Äôs responsibility for his/her behavior and holds the juvenile accountable to his/her community and peers.  Involvement in youth court, either as a respondent or as a volunteer, increases his/her respect for the judicial process.


Find out more about Riverside Youth Court -- Be sure to read the "What Is The Riverside Youth Court?" program brief written by Officer Ryan J. Railsback!


Visit Riverside Youth Court Online at, or contact the youth court coordinators at (951) 826-2534.