Marin YMCA Youth Court Featured at Mill Valley Film Festival!

On October 13, the Mill Valley Film Festival showed the Marin YMCA Youth Courts’ documentary film Finding Justice: Ending the School to Prison Pipeline.

It was an exciting morning as school children poured into the Smith Rafael Theater in San Rafael. Don Carney, youth court director and a director on the film,  set up a display of photos of several of the active youth court members and he greeted well-wishers (many former youth court defendants and their families who gratefully acknowledged the help they received going thorough youth court rather than the traditional juvenile justice system). Dennis Alvarez, the youth subject in the film, was present to greet students. Dennis is now a sophomore at Sacramento State University. Vincent Cortez the film maker also was on hand and he along with Dennis and Don answered many questions from the audience following the film’s showing.

The Mill Valley Film Festival is an annual ten day event with multiple venues showing films from all over the world. Filmmakers submit films for potential inclusion in the festival, entries are judged for selection in various categories. This was the 39th year of the Festival. For more on the Mill Valley Film Festival see

Congratulations to Don and Vincent for telling the story and to Dennis who is now traveling a path to success.

Pictured Above:  Don Carney--Executive Film Producer
Director of the Marin County Youth Court
Pictured Above:  Dennis Alvarez--Subject of the film,
Don Carney, Vincent Cortez--Film Maker, 
Opper--Director/Producer of 
Visitor’s Day, John 
Morrison--Mill Valley Film 
Festival Family Films
and Director of Education, California
Institute, answering audience 
Pictured Above:  Vincent Cortez with Dennis Alvarez.