Legislative Day - December 1, 2014:

On Monday December 1, 2014, five Youth Advisory Board Members of the California Association of Youth Courts visited the State Capitol in Sacramento greeting the 120 senators and assembly members on their first day back in session. New representatives were sworn in following the November election and sessions began in both houses at noon. The Youth members visited each of the 120 offices, delivering a CAYC mug and a letter from CAYC president Hon. David Wesley, Presiding Judge of the Los Angeles Courts (the largest court system in the world). Alexis Hernandez, Esther Smith, Nathan Folsom, Areanna Figeroa and Nelson He along with Youth Advisory Board Advisor Celeste Gutierrez, Camilo Cruz and Karen Green Board members, and court intern Esther Yang covered the six floors of the Capitol speaking with legislators and their staffs on the benefits of youth courts, indicating if there is a youth court in the representative‚Äôs district and sharing the locations of the nine annual Youth Summits with the tenth Summit to be held at Pepperdine University in Malibu in June of 2015.

Representatives from both legislative houses were welcoming and many were eager to have photos taken with the youth. Pictured above are the youth in the large domed rotunda of the California state capitol.