Must Read Resources For Teens & Parents - Also see our Video Library!

Teen Parties 

A Parent's Guide to Teen Parties

If Your Teen Is Giving A Party:  Suggestions For Parents

Teenage Parties, a Parent's Guide:  The Guardian

Teenage Parties:  Alcohol Education Trust

Tips For Parents When Your Teen is Attending a Party

Tips For Parents Tri-Fold Pamphlet/Checklist

Teens & Sex

The Legal Consequences of Teenage Sex

Sexting Laws in California

Teens & Driving

Powerful Video:  Father Pleads Drivers to Slow Down Before Horrific Accident

Teen Drivers FAQ:  What are the rules in California?

California Parent-Teen Driving Agreement 

Distracted Driving Simulation - Take The Pledge Now!

Distracted Driving Resource Guide

"The Cards of Distractibility"game for Teens

Teens & Curfew

Powerful Resources for Teen Driving Safety - Provided by a California Girl Scout Troup!!

Juvenile Curfew Laws:  The Basics

What is the Curfew Law for Teenagers 17 and Under? The Law Dictionary

Enforcing Appropriate Teen Curfews 

Teens & Alcohol

Harms of Excessive Drinking:  Difference Between Binge & Heavy Drinking

Preventing Binge Drinking

Underage DUI Laws in California

Underage DUI Penalties

DUI Court in the Schools - A How To Guide

DUI Court in Schools Training Manual - OTS

Underage Drinking & Driving (A Facilitator's Guide)

Alcohol & Other Drugs - San Diego State University Research

Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) Explained

Drink Chart Guide

BAC Calculator

Teens & Drugs Marijuana Talk Kit
Drug Slang & Terminology Vault
Drug Facts For Teens
  Teen Addiction-CASA Columbia (Ending Addiction is Everything)
  Commonly Abused Drugs
  Glossary of Drug Related Terms
  Drug Guide For Parents
  Teen Drug Abuse Statistics and Facts
Teen Choices Powerful Video:  Choices & Consequences
  Christian Duncan's Story:  Choice NOT TO WEAR A HELMET (Video)
Help Your Teen Make Responsible Choices
The Teen Brain:  Behavior, Problem-Solving & Decision Making
Miscellaneous Kids & The Law:  An "A to Z Guide For Parents:
  Fiscal Tiger:  College Finance Glossary for Students & Parents
40 Developmental Assets for Adolescents

TEDx Presentation: "Let's Rewrite the School-to-Prison Pipeline."

  TeenLife:  The Leading Source for College Prep & More...
  WashU Expert: K-12 school policies on African-American hair are discriminatory