2017 Youth Court Summit - It Was Fantastic!

Here's an early peek to see some of the activities and events that made this 12th CAYC Summit a success!

Video Contest - Submissions

Bellflower Teen Court (Los Angeles)
Compton Teen Court (Los Angeles)
El Rancho Teen Court (Los Angeles)
Humboldt/Redwood Youth Court
Narbonne Teen Court (Los Angeles)
San Bernardino Teen Court
South Gate Teen Court (Los Angeles)
Taft Teen Court (Los Angeles)
Torres Teen Court (Los Angeles)



Check out ALL the video submissions here!  https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5jr_B4Ig2JXemZ6TF9Sc09PNGs


Keynote Speaker:  Dr. Kimberly Norward,
Author of Ferguson Fault Lines, the Race Quake That Rocked A Nation

Pictured are Donna Strobel from the Judicial Council of California with keynote speaker Dr. Kimberly Norward, author  of Ferguson Fault Lines, the Race Quake That Rocked A Nation, who inspired the youth to be aware of implicit bias, not let anyone stop you from your dreams, and to work to make a difference in their communities. 

Other activites we captured at the Summit and want to share with you!

2017 CAYC Google Voice Photos: 

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2017 CAYC Youth Summit Slideshow: