Youth Advisory Board Contacts

The Board of Directors for the California Association of Youth Courts is pleased to welcome the Youth Advisory Board Members for the coming year. The Board wishes to thank all the applicants who are contributing so much to their local youth courts and invite them to serve on committees when contacted by the new Advisory Board members.

Here is the list of the new members and their respective teen courts:

Sophie Bunton – Shasta County Youth Peer Court

Noem Cerrato-Puneda – South Gate High School Teen Court (Los Angeles)

Diego Cura-Igama – Napa County Youth Court

Madison Laster – Redondo Union Teen Court (Los Angeles)

Andrew Mendoca – Riverside PD Youth Court

Leah Selcer – Humboldt County Teen Court

Sarah Xu – Centerforce Youth Court (Oakland)

Download Application for Student Advisory Board Member 2017 here!


Support the formation of new Youth Courts and provide resources to existing Youth Courts in pursuit of programs and activities that boost self-esteem and self-improvement attitudes among youth in their respective communities. Promote activities and services that attract a healthy attitude toward authority and the benefits of law abiding citizenship and civic engagement.